What I'm doing now

Taking some time off

I’m home in Göteborg, Sweden, having some rest after an intense start of the year with music competitions, exams and other work. I’m taking some time off to refocus my energy on new challenges. This means that I work slightly shorter days (about 6 hours) so I have more time for reflection, reading and personal projects. I’ll be back to my usual schedule in a few weeks.

I still have some work to do though…

Music: Back to basics

I’m focusing on the fundamentals of clarinet playing. Sound and articulation are my biggest focuses. Additionally, I’m learning new repertoire for upcoming performances. I’m also going to play the E flat clarinet for the upcoming marching band season, which I really look forward to.

I have some other projects going on, but I’ll write more about that later.

Computer Science: C programming and beyond

I only have two courses left for my first Computer Science and Engineering year: Machine-oriented programming and Data communication. I really enjoy it and love learning about C programming and computer networks.

I’m also working on an audio player in Javascript for my website. The source code will be open source under the Unlicense.

Updated: 20190401